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In the Best Interest of The Child

Why B.E.T.A.?

B.E.T.A. Factor

B. E. T. A.  Inc. is a leading professional educational consultation service and resource for charter schools and educational institutions. B.E.T.A. is one of the first psychological services to start in the charter movement in Philadelphia in 1997, offering special educational support.


For over 20 years, we have helped build the local capacity of our clients in the specific areas of school psychological, consultation, and special education services by:


  • Assessment

  • Universal screening

  • Professional development

  • Functional analysis assessments

  • Early intervention

  • Evidence-based Instruction

  • Special Education Management Services

  • Audit Support


B.E.T.A. also provides technical assistance, intensive learning support, life skills curriculum, autistic support, motivational staff development, and consulting services.


Our services are Federal/State compliant, data-driven, and evidence-based, with direct support to teachers and staff members in improving their expertise, confidence, and effectiveness. 

Unlike other services, B.E.T.A.Inc relates to parents, not the paper. We solve problems, not create them. 




Behavioral Educational Training Associates
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