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Dr. Robbin  Alston


Born in Washington, D.C., Dr. Alston is intimately familiar with the power of a real education. She attended no school, then parochial school, and finally a boarding school. Through each one of those environments, lessons were learned, but more importantly, wisdom was earned. Although she lay no claim to a privileged upbringing or prominent parentage, she  feels grateful, gifted and empowered by her seemingly disadvantaged experiences. From her humble beginnings she learned the power of authenticity and caring in serving others. 


Professional Experience

Rarely can someone claim the experiences of Dr. Alston. She is a pioneer in the special education movement with her work beginning in 1974. In 1974, fresh out of her undergraduate studies, she worked with severely disabled individuals as a therapist, and teacher.  Her intense training in applied behavioral analysis earned her commendations for changing behaviors and teaching adaptive living skills. Dr. Alston believes her success with individuals with disabilities is because she cares.


Over the years, she has worked at several renowned institutions and conducted numerous professional developments on topics in special education, learning differences, differentiated intervention, wellness, and educational efficacy. In 1999, she founded B.E.T.A., a year after the inception of Charters Schools in Philadelphia as an Educational Consultant and School Psychologist.


B.E.T.A.  stands out because it connects with the whole child, the educational community, and the family. B.E.T.A.'s mantra is "In the best interest of the Child because every action we do should put the child at the center. 



Dr. Alson, the founder has been a therapist, administrator, special education teacher, consultant, psychologist and motivational speaker. She is a graduate of LaSalle University and has a Masters's Degree in Education and a Doctorate in School Psychology from Temple University. She is also a Master Yogini and is headteacher of Ase Yoga Studio & Tearoom. 


B.E.T.A is founded on two principles: Understanding and Compassion. She is an educational expert in special education with over forty years of experience. Additionally, Dr. Alston has traveled to West Africa and conducted comparative research on children's attentional levels in the classroom setting. Her research interest centers around mindfulness learning, social and emotional development, compassion, and understanding in the learning enclaves, learning differences, using data to inform evidence-based instruction, and the tiered learning process.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ... Mandela



Behavioral Educational Training Associates
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