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Everything we do is grounded in mindfulness.  Our services blend mindfulness, understanding, and compassion to assure education efficacy. Empowered with over forty years of experience. we bring to schools and institutions not only evidence-based insights but also  "professional wisdom."  We offer the following exclusive services consultation, school psychological services, professional development, evidence-based instructions, advocacy/public policy, and our C.H.A.N.G.E. Model. In addition, we provide  risk management, special educational compliance support, and classroom balancing services. We work with you to provide State/ Federally mandated services to improve and enhance the academic and emotional experiences of all students, focusing on students with a disability or at-risk.




U.S. Population

Learning Differences

African-American Children

Mindfulness Works

Mindfulness Works



.... You are a great School Psychologist. 

N. Mathers, Ph.D. co-author of the Woodcock-Johnson  III(WJ III)



Behavioral Educational Training Associates
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